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Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services from experts for all your complex equipment and plants always makes your life easier.Sewage Treatment Plants and Effluent Treatment Plants are no different and need O&M services under expert guidance to work in an efficient and effective manner for meeting the environmental regulations related to the quality of output for meeting the regulatory norms.
Leveraging on its domain and technical expertise, Aplinka offers integrated Operations and Maintenance services that helps execution of plants in a proper manner, helps improve plant operational efficiencies and optimize on the running costs through proper monitoring and usage of process treatment consumables.
We offer two models for such services:
  • 1. Integrated Operations and Maintenance (IO&M): Thismodel of services provide you with the manpower resources, materials, and equipment necessary to maximize plant efficiency, proper record keeping, periodic experts visits and guidance, preventive maintenance and upkeep throughout the plant’s lifecycle.
  • 2. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC): This model of service provides you with the expert guidance in terms of scheduled monthly visits by experts and providing the required guidance. Other needs like manpower, material, consumables etc are a part of your scope.

Depending on your needs, any one of the above model can be opted for or any alternate options can also be explored depending on exact requirements.

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Since a proper design is the first step towards a final product implementation, it is important to choose a company who has sufficient hands-on experience in making such design and implementations. Aplinka with its extensive engineering design and implementation experience, capitalizes on its end-to-end experience of several years to meet your design needs in the most optimal manner.

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