Water Management

As per the guidelines of various state and central level statutory bodies, it is essential to measure the quantity of flow at various important points for proper records and compliance reporting perspectives. Some examples of such points are inputs to STP or ETP, output from STP or ETP, fresh water consumption, ground water consumption, utilization of treated water for various purposes like gardening, flushing etc. The flowmeters to be used for all such measurements have to be of electro-magnetic type. Moreover, if the volume of ground water extraction sanction awarded to any unit is more than 10 KLD per day, then all such flowmeters have to be telemetry enabled for continuous monitoring and recording of water quantity and sharing the detailed data to the concerned departments.
In case ground water is being extracted based on the permissions from ground water authorities and is beyond 10 KLD per day, then an additional requirement of Piezometers is also to be fulfilled by installing a piezometer in a separate pit for continuous monitoring and recording of the ground water level of the water acquirer and sharing the detailed data to be concerned departments.
To have proper ground water utilization and management, the latest guidelines from CPCB (Sept, 2020) make it mandatory for water audits also. If the water extraction limit is exceeding 100 KLD then unit has to undertake the annual water audit report through certified auditors of CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) / FICCI (Federation Indian Chamber of commerce and Industry) / NPC (National Productive Council) along with the application and all such industries will required to reduce the ground water extraction at-least 20% in next three years.

Non-compliance to any of the above requirement could be a potential cause of show cause notice and penalty being levied on the violating units.

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