Consent to Establish and Operate

Under the provisions of the Water (prevention & control of pollution) act, 1974 and the Air (prevention & control of pollution) act, 1981, any industry, operation or process or an extension and addition thereto, which is likely to discharge sewerage or trade effluent into the environment or likely to emit any air pollution into the atmosphere will have to obtain consent to establish and operate from the respective state pollution control board (SPCB).
Any new establishment should obtain Consent to Establish (CTE) before establishing (i.e. before starting construction work at site) from state pollution control board. Getting CTE is generally a onetime activity.
Once the construction work is completed as per norms and conditions defined in the CTE, and the company is in a position to start its operations, it has to intimate the SPCB for official inspection along with applying for Consent to Operate (CTO), that is granted for a defined period subject to a successful inspection and complying to all conditions of CTE.
After the grant of CTO, the company can start its operations and has to abide by all the operating conditions mentioned in the CTO. It has to perform regular audits as per CTO conditions and submit the reports to the SPCB on a regular basis for fulfilling all compliance conditions and not invite any penalties. CTO needs to be regularly renewed also depending on its expiration dates.
The process for CTE, CTO, Compliance Audits, Renewals is generally the same with some variations depending on the state where the company is setup and its nature of operation, category etc.
  • Factors to be considered while applying for CTE
  • Factors to be considered while applying for CTO
  • Factors to be considered while applying renewal of CTO

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