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An optimal design coupled with the right choice of implementation technology is a must for any product, in general or related to environment. Aplinka, as a company working on the philosophy of “suggestions to solutions” helps meet your design needs for a vast variety of solutions like Sewage Treatment Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants, Rain Water Harvesting Plants, Organic Waste Convertors and many such similar and related requirement.
The design approach, followed for customer specific needs involves the following:
  • Identifying the design needs
  • Gathering all the required details with respect to regulatory sanctions and requirements, capacities to be designed, expansion margins, space constraints and any other specific needs etc.
  • Brainstorming about the possible technology options, their advantages and disadvantages, cost implications, fitment based on any existing constraints and deciding on the optimal choices.
  • Designing the solution in terms of engineering drawings and sharing it for discussions.
  • Once finalized, working out the details in terms of various electrical and mechanical components, makes, capacities, quantities and other equipment to get to detailed design and final Bill of Quantity (BOQ) with suggested makes.
  • Doing follow-up discussions and doing any required minor modifications if required.
  • Deliver detailed drawings and BOQ as a final output of the design services.

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Since a proper design is the first step towards a final product implementation, it is important to choose a company who has sufficient hands-on experience in making such design and implementations. Aplinka with its extensive engineering design and implementation experience, capitalizes on its end-to-end experience of several years to meet your design needs in the most optimal manner.

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