Air Pollution Control

Air quality is an important factor and plays a vital role for the health, safety and security of all living beings and the overall ecology. Increased urbanization and industrialization have led to a significant deterioration in the air quality, leading to several threats to all species, including mankind. Several initiatives are being taken at the global and national levels to reduce air pollution and offset the associated risks.
The National Clean Air Programme (NCAP)of India aims to achieve a twenty to thirty per cent reduction in particulate matter (PM)concentration by 2024 with 2017 as the base year (MoEFCC 2019).Online monitoring stations are being installed across the country for real time monitoring of air quality on the basis of defined parameters and their permissible safe ranges.
As per government norms, all industries, establishments and construction sites are required to install solutions that help minimize air pollution that in turn helps improve overall air quality. This is because several activities lead to dust emissions and many industrial processes emit particulate matter. Non-compliance to any such conditions could be a cause of environmental compensation penalties being imposed on the defaulting units.
To help reduce various types of air pollution, Aplinka helps understand your needs and offer products that best suit your needs from various perspectives. Aplinka after sufficient due-diligence has partnered with the best of the manufacturers for such air pollution control products and works in the capacity of an environmental expert and system integrator by way of selection, procurement, installation and integration of any such systems at your premises.

Examples of some such solutions being:

  • Anti-Smog Guns for dust suppression on large campuses, industries, construction sites and general densely populated public areas.
  • Wet Scrubbers
  • Dry Scrubbers

Would You Like to know more on how Aplinka can help you meet your Air Pollution Control related needs?

With an in-depth knowledge about various regulatory compliances, knowhow of the environmental products and solutions related market in India and partnerships with manufacturers of best of the class products, Aplinka helps you choose and integrate the most optimal products into your setup.

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